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'''[ Disaster level]: '''God
'''[ Disaster level]: '''God
'''[[Attack Potency]]:''' '''High Universe level '''([ Remove His Limiter])
'''[[Attack Potency]]:''' '''High Universe level '''([ ''Remove His Limiter''])
'''[[Speed]]: Infinite '''
'''[[Speed]]: Infinite '''

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Saitama (サイタマ, Saitama) is the main protagonist of One-Punch Manand so far the most powerful hero alive in the series. Saitama faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is now too powerful to gain any thrill from his deeds.Just a hero for fun,he later registers into the Hero Association as a professional hero,currently B-Class Rank 7,and defends his home in Z-City from Mysterious Beings.Under the Hero Association, he is given the name Caped Baldy.

Powers and Stats Edit

Tier: High 3-A

Name: Saitama

Origin: One-Punch Man

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Classification: Human, A-Class Hero

Disaster levelGod

Attack Potency: High Universe level (Remove His Limiter)

Speed: Infinite 

Lifting Strength: Infinite 

Striking Strength: High Universal

Durability: High Universe level

Stamina: Infinite 

Range: High Universal

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Saitama seems to be single-minded at times, chasing a mosquito relentlessly even after sustaining a blast that destroyed his clothing completely. Due to his laid-back attitude, he lacks any sort of refinement in his techniques and is primarily a brawler in combat, simply punching a target until they're blown to pieces (which he usually does not need due to his overwhelming power). In addition, he is lacking academically, only barely passing the hero exam due to his poor score on the written exam. Nevertheless, he displays great control over his speed and strength, stopping his fist within a hair's breadth of Geno's face to avoid hurting him and generally holding back in fights in order to prolong them.

Weaknesses: None

Notable Techniques:

Normal Series: Saitama's Normal Series consists of techniques in which he puts little to no effort into attacking. Even though his attacks are loose in this style, most opponents tend to be finished off easily due to Saitama's extreme strength and speed.


Consecutive Normal Punches

  • Consecutive Normal Punches: (連続普通のパンチ, Renzoku Futsuu no Panchi) Saitama launches a volley of quick, single-handed punches from his right hand. These blows have been shown to be powerful enough to blow strong or large body types apart into pieces. Depending on the power of the attack, this technique can occur in an instant.
  • Two Handed Consecutive Normal Punches: (両手・連続普通のパンチ, Ryōte Renzoku Futsū no Panchi): Saitama launches a volley of quick punches from both hands instead of one.

Serious Series (必殺マジシリーズ, Hissatsu Majishirīzu): Saitama's Serious Series consists of techniques in which he puts effort into attacking. While he normally punches without putting in much effort, when Saitama gets serious in a fight, his techniques become tremendously powerful.

  • SeriousPunch

    Serious Punch

    Serious Punch: (マジ殴り, Maji Naguri) Saitama throws an extremely powerful punch. The full extent of this attack is unknown, as it never directly hit an opponent. It was so powerful that it completely negates Boros.
  • Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon: While in his Meteoric Burst form, Boros can launch a massive beam of energy from his chest-eye which is much larger than his average Energy Beam. The color is also different, instead of being only blue, it has golden tones to it. Boros states that he needs to concentrate and release the entirety of his latent energy to perform this technique. The beam is powerful enough to be able to Obliterate Star.
  • Serious Side Hops:(マジ反復横とび, Maji Hanpukuyokotobi) Saitama hops from side-to-side rapidly. Doing so allows him to create a multitude of afterimages. He has been shown to be able to walk forward while doing so, and the shock wave caused by it was enough to break Sonic's Ten Shadows Burial.
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